Are you tired of paying rent and feeling like you will never reap the benefits of being a homeowner? This is an issue that many people in Lake City face. Do you also believe that there is no other alternative? A lot of renters feel that buying a home is just not a possible option because it is too expensive. That, however is not the case. In the new pre-built housing market, finding an affordable house of your own that costs the same as regular rent is possible.

Benefits of Pre-Built Homes

Why would you choose a prebuilt home, you ask? Here are just some of the most compelling reasons:

Choice - When referring to a pre-built home many people think that it is a home that has already been built and you just move in. This is not the case. A pre-built home means that sections of the home are built inside of a factory or warehouse. Thus, the options available and customization process for a pre-built home are nearly limitless in terms of possible combinations.

Cost Benefits - Pre-built home options are designed around technical and material efficiency. This means that there is very little waste in the construction process and the time it takes to build both the warehouse constructed pieces and the final home takes less time, which lowers the overall cost.

Energy Efficient Homes

One of the main focuses, whenever we construct a pre-built home for our Lake City clients is to make it energy efficient. The reason for this is so that our clients get the most out of their investment. We use environmentally minded and energy efficient techniques during construction, but the real draw is the finished product. By installing energy efficient insulation, windows and appliances our clients get a much lower energy bill, saving money and bringing energy waste to a minimum. We even incorporate energy efficiency into the landscape. Please contact us for more details.

Why Choose Adam's Construction?

We know that the prospective home owners of Lake City have more than one company to choose from when it comes to pre-built homes. So, the question is, why should you go with Adam's construction?

Licensed and Insured - Before going with any company for assistance with construction it is essential that you know that we have the proper coverage and licensing. Adam's Construction is fully licensed and insured.

References - Please feel free to ask us for references, we will be glad to oblige.

Experience - Our company has been in operation for more the 15 years.

Budget Focused - We understand that the budget you set is done for a very good reason. Our estimates work with your budget and personal taste to find the exact type of home you need to live comfortably in both lifestyle and finances.

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If you are in Lake City or the surrounding area and would like to start the process of owning your own home with the help of a company that is with you every step of the way and is in tune with your needs and budget, then contact Adam's construction today!

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