Daytona Beach New Home Construction

Carefully choosing the right construction company to design and build your new home, or commercial building in Daytona Beach can be challenging. One of the biggest investments you will ever make over the course of a lifetime, a custom built house requires capable professionals experienced in efficient design and construction that is both practical as well as visually appealing. Good builders not only have access to top quality materials and a team of dedicated and competent workers, but also the ability to offer practical applications of energy efficient features and other industry advancements while completing your new home on time and within budget.

Homebuilder Services

For more than 15 years Adam’s Construction has successfully brought together every aspect required for designing and constructing solid new homes in Daytona Beach. Continuing the family legacy passed down through generations of craftsmen, we are a team of construction professionals qualified to provide custom built homes or mid-sized commercial locations complete with the latest conveniences and at a competitive price.

Building Your New Home

Adam’s Construction works closely with clients to discuss their ideas for a new home in Daytona Beach. Location, site, dimensions and limitations, energy saving strategies and budget concerns are carefully assessed, along with lifestyle standards and any special requirements.

Needs Assessment and Design Development

Each aspect of the needs assessment phase for any new construction is thoroughly discussed with clients. Everything from the detailed design plans and drawings to costs for materials and labor and a implementing a well-organized work schedule is reviewed. A concrete design plan is then developed and evaluated with both the property owner and our experienced team of building professionals. Adam’s Construction addresses all questions and concerns prior to confirming final construction plans.

Permits and Documents

We handle the acquisition and processing of all the necessary building permits and documents required for a new construction in Daytona Beach. Clients are regularly updated during each stage of the building process from the beginning of construction to the final walk through of a completed project.

Green Construction Services

According to customer requirements, Adam’s Construction makes every effort to use natural or minimally processed materials in keeping with recommended green home building practices. Products that are durable and low maintenance, conserve water and reduce waste are favored according to client’s expectations and preferences. Our constructions techniques and procedures are based on cost effective methods in regards to energy consumption, green materials and a reduced carbon footprint.

Adam’s Construction Guarantee

A new home is a huge investment. Adams Construction researches every viable building alternative and implements the most advanced framing and insulation techniques that result in energy efficient homes that are impeccable in both function and form. Trustworthy builders of new homes in Daytona Beach for many years, we pride ourselves on staying well informed regarding the latest industry developments. Committed to offering modern constructions through old fashioned hard work, we bring your building ideas to life.